Working From Your Inbox – A Bad Idea

Charlie Gilkey over at the Productive Flourishing blog makes some fine points in a recent post entitled: Why Working From Your Email Inbox Doesn’t Work.

It’s a great article, although you’ll see from the comments that I felt that he could have gone a bit further in his solutions to include higher Scheduling skills.

P.S. This link was broken – I finally fixed it so that it works.

2 Replies to “Working From Your Inbox – A Bad Idea”

  1. Thanks for the link and share, Francis! You’re absolutely right – I could go more in depth on scheduling actions. My goal was to give a starting point in that piece. That’d make a great follow-up addition, though. 🙂

    MJ’s right, too, about the bad link. The link has a “/d” that’s causing a strange reroute.

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