Should There Be an App for That?

I had a brainstorming session with a few friends the other day, and came up with the idea of expanding the assessment program I created for the skill of Capturing.

If you haven’t taken it, here’s what is does:  within the space of a few minutes and 13 questions, a user is able to assess which belt level they are operating at within this essential skill. Honestly, I haven’t paid it much attention, because I haven’t quite known where to take it next.

The idea that my friend came up with was to create a smartphone app which would allow a user to test him or herself in all 11 fundamentals.  Once the test is done, he/she would be able to save their score, and then come back to it and update it as they made proress in each skill.

Perhaps it could also have a Facebook link so that your progress could be shared with your friends, and maybe even get an email from the 2Time site that congratulates you when you have made significant progress, such as a jump from an overall White to Yellow belt.

It could serve as a portable teacher and tracker of sorts, and help users to focus on tracking their personal progress.  Now that I actually have a Blackberry, versus just writing about them, I can see where it could be useful to have personal information like this available.

Lastly, maybe the app could download coaching tips that depend on where the user is in their development, in order to help them think about the changes they are working on at the moment.

Has anyone seen an app like this for fields other than time management?  I imagine a “weight-loss” or “stop smoking” app might exist and look a lot like the kind of thing I’m talking about.

Let me know if you have seen anything close to the kind of app I am looking for.