Some Newly Discovered Academic Research

I did a little digging over the weekend and found some great research in time management that we’ll be highlighting here at 2Time Labs. What’s interesting is that, along with Dezhi Wu’s work, the articles prove that all the interesting work in this discipline is being done by women: Macan, Francis-Smythe, Gibson and Claessens.

Here are the articles:
Time Management: Test of a Process Model by Therese Macan

Will you remember to read this article later when you have time? The relationship between prospective memory and time management by Therese Macan, Janet Gibson, Jennifer Cunningham

On the Relationship Between Time Management and Time Estimation, by J.A. Francis-Smythe and Ivan Robinson.

I’m still reading and assimilating them, but if you’d like to jump the gun and share what you think, please go ahead and do so by shooting me an email.

P.S. The good news is that their finding support 2Time Labs’ Time Management 2.0 principles.