An Experiment in Using More Memory

A fascinating article at the Lifehacker website got my attention – and earned a swift rebuttal from some lifehackers. The article’s author performed an experiment – to use as much memory as possible, and to use as few external devices as he could get away with.

How I Learned to Rely on My Memory (and Stop Relying on Technology)


In the article the author, Thorin Klosowski, makes a determined effort to try to remember more things by using fewer tech devices. He takes it on as a bit of an experiment, and at the end (even after a few failures) decides to try harder to remember more things than before.

The comments after the article taught me a few things… I had no idea that postpartum memory loss was real. I don’t have kids, so I thought it was a bit of a joke but there is solid research that shows that some life-changes can produce this effect.

What do you think?