A New Look at Time Management 2.0 Research

I recently became dissatisfied at the way I have depicted the research underlying Time Management 2.0. I couldn’t shake this feeling that I could do a better job of sharing which assumptions and findings were being used from different fields, and how they were being combined.

As a result of making some notes, and playing around with Prezi, I came up with a much better description that is described in the presentation below as a series of major and minor hypotheses. I don’t know how many of these hypotheses have been conclusively proven with empirical research in time management, but there is lots of evidence in other fields that supports each one. That’s based on a cursory glance, and my memory, however.

If hypothesis testing isn’t your bag, then there’s no need to worry – just watch the presentation and don’t lose any sleep. I am hoping that those who do care about these things will watch the presentation and offer supporting or contradictory research – I’m open to both. Maybe it will even inspire the odd graduate student to complete a PhD in this area – that would be wonderful!

This presentation is best watched on full screen, and you’ll need to use to right and left arrows to move back and forth.