Writing the Next Book

I’m in the process of writing  my next book and once again, I’m enjoying the process.

Whereas my last book was a novel, forcing me to learn how to write an interesting story, this book is a traditional how-to: something you’d expect in the genre of time-based productivity.

In some ways it will encapsulate almost all the information I present in my NewHabits and MyTimeDesign training programs. However, I’m learning that writing a book is quite a different way of getting across training content. In the live training I’m there to emphasize and repeat, but in a book I can say things only once or twice for emphasis, in different ways.

Also, there are certain soft spots in my ideas that I can gloss over in my training that I must address in the book. Some of them require a return to the research I used to develop ideas and corroborate hunches. This has been exciting as several insights come together to generate new distinctions altogether.

Coming out on June 1st – Perfect Time-Based Productivity. (The name might change, and the cover is just a mockup.)

perfect 3d short