A Fresh Focus on the Ultra-Busy

I just announced a very narrow re-focus for the work we do here at 2Time Labs.

As I look through the time-based productivity blogs and chat rooms across the internet I notice a certain superficiality surrounding the needs of Ultra-Busy people. As a result, there are lots of people claiming to address their needs but most of what I see are trivial solutions and stale answers.

They are unsuitable. These responses miss the mark because they lack the nuance to escape the usual one-size-fits-all thinking that pervades popular thinking.

The fact is, the Ultra-Busy person is a unique animal. If you happen to be one, you know that you routinely manage hundreds of time demands (i.e. unfinished tasks) at any moment in time. You also enjoy a few (less than ten) hours per week of discretionary, unplanned time.  You probably even plan your nap, exercise and recovery times.

To others, you appear overly-ambitious. Driven. Crazy. But you aren’t. You just don’t hang out with a lot of people like you, unless you attend Harvard Business School or belong to a similar high-achieving community.

Here at 2Time Labs we have used the unique nature of people like you – the Ultra-Busy’s – to innovate several ideas. For example, the first of our Five Pillars states that Ultra-Busy People realize that they need custom solutions. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. We simply extended that logic to all people and found it to be true in the classroom and in academic research.

But now, we are openly claiming that not only our inspiration comes from Ultra-Busy’s but so will our focus going forward. If you see yourself in this group, stick around to discover how we serve people like you.

More specifically, check out the following new pages: Home, Start Here and About.

Also, let us know if they resonate with your experience via the Contact page.

Why now? We are currently planning a new online community for Ultra-Busy people who are ready to craft custom solutions which are a match for their commitments. It will be (perhaps) the only place on the internet where they can meet others just like them.

Stay in touch by downloading a Special Report and we’ll let you know when we are ready to invite Beta Testers.