Parts 1-6 of the Rapid Assessment Series

People with blue building blocks illustration

Have you ever wondered how we teach self-evaluation skills to our learners at 2Time Labs? If you have, you may have noticed that we combine a number of separate ideas into one wherever possible.

But it’s not as if we tell you what’s in the original stew of ideas!

In this series of 16 posts originally appearing on Medium, we break the Rapid Assessment Program into its key components.

Part 6-Why “The Switch” from Outside Advice to Inside Knowledge Empowers You
Part 5 — Why All Improvements Are Not Made Equal
Part 4 – Improvements Based on Self-Diagnosis Are Different
Part 3 – Why is Avoiding Bright Shiny Improvement Objects So Important?
Part 2 – Why the Best Indicators of Improvement Aren’t Necessarily Positive
Part 1 – Why time demands aren’t the same as tasks

We have taken the liberty of posting the following 10 posts (numbering 7-16) individually in future blogs on this site, each in its entirety.