Ep 6 – Choosing the Best Changes to Your Task Management

There are hundreds of small ways you can improve your task management – just do a Google search. To be efficient, we want to focus our efforts on those changes which make the biggest difference, so we don’t waste time, energy and money. But how do we determine which changes are more important than others? What if we view our task management as a system rather than a set of disconnected parts?

Tune into this episode of the Task Management & Time Blocking Podcast to listen to me and my special guest, Art Gelwicks, as we solve this challenging problem together.

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Art Gelwicks is an experienced technology and productivity consultant, podcaster, and blogger including shows such as Cross Platform and the site The Idea Pump.

Francis Wade is the host of the Task Management & Time Blocking Virtual Summit and the author of Perfect Time-Based Productivity. Connect with him on Linkedin or send a message here. www.replytofrancis.info

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