Ep 9 – Why Aren’t Simple Task Management Solutions Easier to Find?

You are a productivity enthusiast who wants to experience one improvement after another. This kind of progress is sweeet. Like dominoes falling. Or climbing from one level to the next in a challenging video game.

But once you know the problem you want to fix, it’s hard to find simple solutions. The proof? Just check out someone asking for help in an open forum like Reddit.

Someone posts a question, and wants a simple answer they can actually use. What do they get back? A ton of answers. There is no way to make sense of the flood of opinions…some of them openly contradict each other.

Heck, I came across a big one the other day reading Getting Things Done. On p40 and 142 of the 2001 book, David Allen strictly prohibits time blocking. But on page 87 he says Quote “I recommend that you create a block of time to initiate this process…”

It ought to be easier to find simple solutions than this!

Well…our job in this episode is to ask the question “Why aren’t simple task management solutions easier to find?”

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