Manifesto Accepted

manifesto.jpgI got some good news this week from the folks at, which was that my proposal to write my manifesto had been accepted.

In prior posts, including this one, I mentioned that I had written a proposal to write a manifesto for the website.

My proposal, which is described here, did quite well, receiving some 460 votes, more than twice the second-place proposal, and more than any other proposal since.

That was back in October, and I have been waiting and wondering… what next? A few emails weren’t returned, until finally the word came back that the invitation was being extended, and that a typical manifesto could expect to be downloaded some 20,000 to 50,000 times.


That got my attention!

Monetizing this Blog

budget_pie.gifI have been wondering if there is a company or individual who is interested in helping me to monetize this blog.

Or better yet, how can such a person be found? Would they be willing to work on commission?

Do let me know of any ideas you might have in this regard.

Voting ends on Friday (whew!)

In a prior post on September 20th, I mentioned that I had entered my proposal to write a new, hopefully revolutionary, manifesto on the skill of time management.

What I have neglected to mention is that it’s the most popular proposal of the 11 being offered up this month.

I have no idea what the threshold is to be asked to take the next step and “write a manifesto” but… if you haven’t voted, please do so.

The final date is Friday Oct 19th.

The title is “On Time Management: Toss Away the Tips, Focus on the Fundamentals”

Click here to be taken to the proposal.

“How Did You Get Interested in Time Management?”

The above question came in from a reader, and I answered it in this way:

letter2.jpg“Dear reader”,

Thanks for the kind words… they are much appreciated.

I can tell by your domain name that we are already of like mind!

I am an industrial engineer by training, although I don’t do much of it anymore. Industrial engineers are geeks who love efficiency, optimization, and cutting waste… so I have been thinking about this kind of thing since then.

I read all the books I could find on the subject, until they stopped saying anything new. Then I was trained to teach a course called Mission Control, before stumbling into GTD®, which I loved and which seemed to be the source of many of the ideas of Mission Control.

Sometime last year, when I was blogging about mastery on my main business blog, Chronicles from a Caribbean Cubicle, it struck me that people here in the Caribbean could use neither system, for various reasons.

I figured that there must be a better way and I realized that I could find no “basic structure” for people to learn, and that each of the gurus were only selling a milepost, rather than a path.

And mastery is about the path after all… not any one guru’s destination.

Hence, the belt system, the 11 fundamental components, the idea of personal practice and the notion of designing one’s own way, and one’s own rate of evolution over time.

Phew — maybe I gave you more of an answer than you wanted!

How did you come across my site? I’ll be visiting yours in a few minutes.


Open Source

One of the great wishes I have for this site is that it become a place where people can add their thoughts to the discussion of the 2Time philosophy.

The problem that I have found with this invitation is that the websites and blogs that I have read on the topic of productivity are heavily based on piles of small tips. Nothing wrong with the tips (and I happen to think they all have a place) but as I mentioned in a prior post, you can’t become a top time management practitioner by following tips.

I am still hunting around for a deeper discussion than one that is focused on tips. So far, I have had no luck, but I am sure that I have just been unlucky.

So far this blog hasn’t attracted much traffic, but hopefully it will bring to it the kind of people that are interested in joining me to explore the 11 Basic Components of 2Time.

If anyone reading this is interested, we can start by sharing ideas about this content in the comments.