Tips for the Kitchen

I know that I play the same tune over and over – “Forget about the tips, focus on the fundamentals” and that I think most of us are making a mistake by focusing on tips when we look to improve our productivity. Here is an example of what I mean when I think about focusing on the wrong things.

This comes from a newsletter I subscribe to that sends out a series on improving one’s productivity.

Time Saving Tips For Your Kitchen from PlanYourTimeNow.comAre you spending too much time in your kitchen? Would you like to have a lot more time to spend on your children, or simply to pamper yourself, chill out or relax? Well, if you follow some of these time saving kitchen tips, you will find yourself with some extra time that you can use for any purpose that you want.

Let’s look at some of these time saving tips: Continue reading “Tips for the Kitchen”

The Rudeness of Being Late

The following article on being late appeared a few months ago in the Jamaica Gleaner:

The rudeness of being late
published: Thursday | June 21, 2007

Ian McDonald

A few experiences lately, of public figures who should know better arriving late on occasions when they have agreed to assist in the proceedings, prompts me to repeat a column I wrote a while back. Why will such personages not learn that being late, sometimes very late, is a waste of people’s time and upsettingly rude to keep others waiting? Continue reading “The Rudeness of Being Late”

In Response to a Book of 100 Tips

warninglabel.gifI was kind of interested in the following post by Ben Yoskovitz, in which he asked for tips from over 100 people on “The Secret to Being Productive”.

He got over 100 responses, all of them quite interesting, but it struck me that a book of 100 tips might require a warning label….

Ben, I have a contrary view… and a reason why the book should be carefully considered before it is written. I think productivity tips are similar to pieces of bright coloured candy. They taste nice, but they aren’t a good substitute for meat and potatoes (or, here in Jamaica, for jerk chicken and hard-do bread!).They are hardly the building blocks that one needs for a healthy lifestyle, and too much of a focus on them is, well, unhealthy.

Not to pour too much cold water on the idea… I WILL read it once it’s completed, but you may do well to have a “Warning” sign at the beginning saying that someone should not expect to implement these 100+ tips and, by itself, become more productive.

So I submitted my own tip (long after the closing date) that essentially said: “Big Tip: Throw Away the Tips“. I don’t think it’s going to make it into the book… 😉

Some Great Tips

The thing about productivity tips is that many of them are interesting, but they don’t have the basic importance of the 11 Components. The Components are recognized in the 2Time Management system as “inescapable” realities of managing time demands in a busy world.

Having said that, tips are interesting insights that work for some people, but not others. There are several sites that describe some incredibly insightful tips, and these particular tips from the zenhabits author are good enough for me to want to try it. Continue reading “Some Great Tips”