Draining the Swamp

If it’s one thing that you know about draining a swamp, it’s that once you start draining it, you don’t know what you are going to find.

The water level lowers, and the tallest stump reveals itself. It lowers some more, and the second tallest stump can then be seen. The process continues until the water is completely gone, which in a swamp may never happen.

A 2Time user faces the same challenge.

Once a user discovers the principles of 2Time and starts to practice the discipline of time management with a view to personal improvement, they find that they must work on, say “Capturing” first. Once they make some headway with this element, then another element becomes the next important one to work on, and so on.

The game can be played in this way, and it may never end.

The only warning is that the 11 Basic Elements of 2Time are the paramount structure that is being managed and improved over time. Other interesting distractions may arise, but they need to be understood in the larger context.