Vote for a New Paradigm of Time Management

voting1.jpg Recently I submitted a proposal to an interesting website,, that hosts manifestos from thinkers on new and different ideas.

I thought that this might be a good way to share some of the thinking I have been doing on this blog with a wider audience. I thought I would go more public with the notion that professionals need to forget about the hundreds of tips floating around out there, find out what the fundamentals are, and then focus on practising them to perfection.

The result was a proposal, submitted to the website, which was accepted, and the polls are now open to the public to vote on the proposal, which, if accepted, will result in a full-blown Manifesto which will be posted on their site. (There is no cost or payment involved.)

I invite you to vote on whether or not I should write this manifesto, by following these steps:

  1. Read the “Proposal” below.
  2. If you like it, vote for it by visiting the ChangeThis site and clicking on “Yes, write this manifesto.” Then pass on the link to others so that they can also vote for it.
  3. If you LOVE it, visit (and subscribe to) the blog that outlines the 11 Fundamentals of 2Time Management.
  4. If you go beyond loving it, let me know by sending me an email at [email protected]

Here is “The Proposal”

On Time Management: Toss Away the Tips, Find the Fundamentals

Author(s): Francis Wade

There is a stew of tips floating around on how to improve one’s time management skills, confusing the professional who is trying to become more productive.

However, neither a professional basketball player nor a concert pianist becomes great by learning a bunch of tips. Instead, their expertise comes through practice, learning, coaching and reflecting on the fundamental techniques they learned at the very beginning.

To witness Michael Jordan sinking free-throws, or Leonard Bernstein practising scales, is to know that their public triumphs were won long before the bright lights were turned on. Working professionals have never been taught the fundamentals of time management, and are stuck chasing after the latest tips and coolest gadgets.

Imagine MJ chasing after the latest sneakers…

What are the unalterable, fundamental elements of time management? How can they be learned? How can they be practiced? How can they be coached? How can they be perfected?

The Answer Is…

Remember, if you like it, vote for it and then pass the link on to others so that they can also vote on it.