Changing Habits Slowly

Recently, I did a most interesting test of my personal health on

What made it remarkable is that it gave me back a list of on-the-point recommendations, and it also gave me back an estimate of my “real age”, which I am happy to report is some 8 years younger than my calendar years.

Once I got over my pride at the hard work I have put in over the years, I started looking at all the new things I should be doing, like taking vitamins, sleeping longer and eating more tomato-based products. All in all, it had a list of interesting new habits for me to adopt, and the beauty of the report was that it listed all of them in one single place.

I thought I would take the 2Time advice, and instead of trying to cram them all in at the same time, and probably failing, I would try to change them one or two at a time.

So here is what I did:

  1. I placed a recurring appointment in my calendar to “Revisit report.” I scheduled it to kick in every two weeks.
  2. Second, I chose two habits – this week’s habit is to take a multivitamin supplement daily that meets the needs the report identified.
  3. Third, I added taking the multivitamin to my list of items in my “Scaffold” for the day. I am using a simple daily check-list to ensure that the items in my scaffold get looked at once per day, at the very least.

This week has been a success as I have been able to stick to this new habit.