Coaching Using 2Time

interview.jpgOne benefit of the 2Time system is that it’s an effective tool for coaching, and even self-coaching.

Using the components to look at a professional’s time management system is a little like using a cheat sheet, or diagnostic tool to figure out what the underlying problem is.

For example, a user who is a White Belt in Capturing is going to experience a predictable set of challenges -they are going to complain of “forgetting a whole bunch of stuff”.

A White Belt in Scheduling would say that their To-Do list rolls from one day to the next, without ever changing, making them feel that they are accomplishing little as it grows infinitely long.

A coach who understands the underlying components can easily understand why a user’s system is not working the way they want it to, and why the gaps are being experienced the way they are.

In like manner, someone who is rigorous can coach themselves using the components of 2Time, and decide for themselves which habits they want to change, and at what pace.