There is a service that I have been using lately called, and it’s a nifty, simple tool for delegating action items.

It allows a user to send an email to another person requesting that they complete an action item by a particular date.  In other wrds, itall ows you to put “the monkey on someone else’s back.”

While it’s missing some features I have seen in more sophisiticated programmes (such as a the ability of the recipient to actually affirm that they are accepting the promise) the idea is a very simple one, and it ensures that assignments don’t fall through the cracks.

At the moment, this has nothing to do with 2Time, except that it carries forward the principle of taking things out of your memory, and placing them in a system.  A reader of this blog made a comment a few months ago that “Delegating” might be another fundamental.

I have been considering this idea, as everyone (other than those who work absolutely alone) must rely on others to get work done.   Tools like this are essential to manage multiple promises.

Over in my business blog, I came up with the idea of a promisphere — an environment of promises that exists in every company.

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This simple tool can be a great help in establishing a clean promisphere.