A Community of Practice

One thing I long for, from my office in Jamaica., is a community of practice in this field of time management.

I remember once when I had the chance to visit the offices of Innovation Associates, the firm started by Peter Senge. They impressed me with their focus on learning, and how seriously they took their commitments.

I briefly wondered this morning what it would be like to be around a group of people committed to growing the 2Time ideas, and to refining them by throwing out what doesn’t work and keeping what does.

I just think it would be a great learning opportunity, and maybe it will come from one of the virtual forums I have created for graduates of the program based on 2Time.

Yet, there was something powerful I witnessed first hand about having a LIVE group working together, and for some reason my mind drifted to a New York location. Maybe it might be fruitful to have it generated during a summer in the city?