Tips to Install New Habits

I just read an entry in Steve Pavlina’s blog and he makes some good, in-depth observations about his own attempts to install new habits, such as getting up at 5:00 am each morning.

He has spent some time looking at his own habit patterns, and found different ways to help himself to keep the new behaviors intact. It’s some pretty insightful thinking, and I recommend this post highly to all readers of 2Time.

Changing practices or habits takes the kind of focus and insight that he has demonstrated in this post, and even if the specific actions he takes are not for everyone, his “self-knowledge” about his habits is a remarkable quality that we could all emulate.

At the same time, the point he makes about turing a habit that’s done 5 out of 7 days into one that’s done daily makes all sorts of sense, as habits are easier to implement when there is a commitment to execute them every day.

Here is the post at Steve Pavlina’s blog.