New TimeMgt 2-0 Twibe Formed

I took the liberty of forming a new twibe — TimeMgt2-0.

If you think that’s some kind of typo or a Loony Tunes imitation of Elmer Fudd, rest assured it’s not — as I learned only fifteen minutes ago.

Twibes are collections of people who want to twitter together on a single subject.  Or in other words, tweet.

Now, I only have a vague idea what I’m talking about here, but if you have a clue, you might want to join me in spreading the word that there is a time management twibe out there, and all who are interested are welcome to join.

Here is the twibe’s address:

I’ll have to admit that twittering, tweeting and belong to a twibe is taking a little getting used to, and I am wondering if this is some kind of cute fad that will disappear.

Hopefully, it’s not all a waste of time.  Perhaps I should be concerned about doing that here in a time management blog!  LOL

P.S. My Twitter address is