Time Flies When You’re Buried…

The last couple of weeks have been a blur.

I have been putting the final touches on MyTimeDesign 2.0, trying to answer questions about its content… while attempting to make it as perfect as I want it to be.  So, I have been buried in the world of program design — putting words and learning structures around ideas I have been working on for the past 3-4 years here at 2Time.

But before I get into too many details about what I’ve been doing, I’d like you to see my new post over at the MyTimeDesign 2.0 blog that I set up: The post is entitled “Why?”

Why in the world would I work my a** off to develop a time management training given how many there are in the world, and how popular a few of them are?  I sense that this question is lurking out there in many people’s minds, and some have hinted at my motivation in posts they have sent to me.

From a 2Time perspective, I started writing this blog some 400 posts, articles, blogs and videos ago out of sheer frustration.  I honestly thought that someone would read what I had written, and put it into a workable training program.

It hasn’t happened, although I keep hearing that I’m reflecting what’s actually happening “on the street” with people who want to improve their time management skills but can’t, no matter how much they loved the book, the speaker, the trainer or the website.  It’s made me believe that “if it’s going to be, then it’s up to me.”

But that might be getting too much into my post over at MyTimeDesign.com — here’s “Why:” Check out the post: Why? by clicking here to find out why I’m bothering with a new approach to time management.

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