More Managers Want their Workers Connected 24/7

I do believe that I have referenced this important study that was published in April 2010 in a few of my posts, but I have had a few questions, so here is the source document that I, and others, have been referencing. The study was published by Intercall and it’s entitled: “Technology in the Workplace – April 2010.” It includes data gathered from interviews of some 2500 respondents.

Here is one of the findings:

American workers are feeling the anxieties associated with a lack of job security:
A full quarter of respondents report feeling that their job security is partially dependent on their supervisor seeing them connected to work even after hours.

While this doesn’t say that supervisors are necessarily asking for this kind of availability, it implies that the conditions are being created for the requirement to be clearly conveyed. I imagine that that number is only increasing. But that could just be me!


Two in five American workers report that they are doing the job of two people because of the impact of the economic recession on their company (39%).

No comment needed there.


My morale / job satisfaction improves when my employer provides the technology tools and services that help me to do my job better and faster.

It’s a great study, and it reflects that change in the workplace that I hope to reflect in some new training modules I am putting together around the topic of smartphone habits. These modules will be included in MyTimeDesign 1.0.Free, which will soon be released, and I’ll be coaching those who do MyTimeDesign 2.0.Professional on how they can improve their performance in this area.

P.S. I know I’ve been throwing a lot of research at you recently, but the times they-are-a-changing, and I want to keep putting the facts in front of my readers, so that they can make informed choices.