The Smartphone Survey is Open

istock_000001000665small.jpg(To answer the 9 question survey click here.)

It’s dawning on me after some reflection that I am developing a real yen for not just time management, but how it is practiced in workplaces around the world.

I remember sitting in meetings in Caracas, Venezuela, back in 1999 and being amazed that a ringing cell-phone would stop a meeting in its tracks, even if the owner happened to be presenting.  As a result, meetings took longer than they should resulting in a profound feeling of frustration on all sides.  The old habit of answering the phone whenever it rang obviously wasn’t working in 1999, let alone 2010.

But no-one ever said anything, or did anything about the problem.

It was a good experience for me, because the very high cellphone penetration found in Caracas was a useful predictor of behavior that would become commonplace in companies in every country around the world.

As you can see from my recent posts, I have been digging up all the research I can find on the topic, and now I’m doing some research of my own to fill in some of the gaps I have discovered.

My smartphone survey runs until the 28th, and it consists of 9 questions.  You don’t need to be a smartphone user to answer the questions — in fact, I’m collecting some data on the opinions of those who don’t have smartphones, and those who plan to get one (I am in the latter category.)

Take a moment and help me answer some important questions — there’s a lot at stake.  You can access the smartphone survey by clicking on this link.

P.S. I’ll be unveiling the results of the survey during my free Smartphone webinar on July 28th at 8pm. Click the icon at right to be placed on the early notification list or click here.