Why I’m Offering a Free 6 Week Program

Inevitably, I get asked why I give stuff away for free.

The 500 or so posts of different kinds on this website have included just about all the ideas I have created around time management, and they can be used by anyone with enough time to get to the essence of Time Management 2.0.

However, reading through 500 posts is a bit of a burden for most of us.

So, to make things a bit easier, I put together MyTimeDesign 1.0.Free earlier this year and offered it for the first time back in March. Now, I guess, I’m joining in the back-to-school fever and offering the program again, between now and August 25th September 3rd when it will be taken off the “market.”

Here is the video that I currently have placed on the information page, and you can click on this link to find out more information and also to see the registration instructions.

Once again, you can sign up for MyTimeDesign 1.0.Free here.