A New Home for Discussions

Hopefully, third time’s a charm.

I have tried at different points in this website’s evolution to set up a decent discussion, but the technology never seemed to cooperate to make things work the way I wanted.

All I have wanted is a secure location that is easy to use for subscribers to this website, free of spammers and also free of cost.

Now, I think I have found a home for us to talk about all topics related to Time Management 2.0 over at LinkedIn, and we’ll be kicking off the new forum with a discussion.  It will be all about the ways in which Microsoft Outlook can be improved so that it moves from being an email management program to something that supports what most people are doing — using it to manage time demands.

We’ll use Time Management 2.0 principles wherever we it makes sense, and this will be just the first of what I hope will be some interesting conversations that move us  forward in our thinking, and in our daily practice.  Click here to be taken to the LinkedIn group.