Further Evidence that Lists Are Limiting

In recent posts, I have been making the point that time management systems that rely on keeping track of time demands on lists vs. schedules are limited, and become a problem when the total number increases above  certain threshold.  Lists are simply too hard to review, as they demand at least a weekly check of every single item.

GTD® is no exception, as evidence by the feedback they recently received on their Facebook page.

Here is the question that was asked:  What’s been the easiest thing about implementing GTD for you?  What’s been the most challenging to make a habit?

The responses to the second part of the question can be broken down as follows:

25 Total Responses /15 mention the Weekly Review directly – 60% say that this aspect is the most difficult to master.

As I implied, there are a great many people who have no difficulty with the Review, but there are a significant number who are challenged by its demands on their time and energy.

They may need an upgrade from having lots of stuff on lists to having a single schedule.