Established – a Time Management Library

A few hours ago, I finished scanning the last front page of the time management articles I have collected over the years.

How many? Some 78 articles.

In one fell swoop I established the single best source of academic information on the topic. I can say this with some confidence simply because I have searched high and low, hard and long to find these articles. In some cases, they are out of print, and there are many I just gave up on ever finding.

Some are available at a price, exemplifying the fight that’s being waged between scientific publishers and the new availability of Internet articles that’s bypassing them entirely. “Dis-intermediation” they call it.

As I have mentioned in prior posts, in the course of pulling together the best research, I also have not found a single time management-focused department, journal, conference, school or online forum that’s truly open to more than a single approach.

It’s a sorry state, and as I mentioned at the ICD conference, it places us squarely in the Dark Ages.

So, I’m playing my part, I guess, and maybe a grad student here or there will benefit from having a one-stop source of journals and white papers. In that spirit, if I’m missing any research that’s useful, please let me know.

Here’s the link to the 2Time Labs Library that lists the time management papers I have found to be useful.