Ep 13 – How to Arm Yourself with Great Personal Alarms

You use lots of apps on a range of devices. Many of them have built-in notifications which are jostling for your attention. But if you leave them all on, you end up with a mess –  a cacophony of alerts which do more bad than good.

What do you really want? To orchestrate them somehow into a perfect symphony that interrupts you at just the right moment, with the right degree of force.

Is that too much to ask for? In this solo episode, we’ll go past the work we did on Episode 11 which focused on the principles of skillful interrupting and look at the practical actions we must take to retain our sanity. 

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Stop doing productive.Start BEING productive. (productivityist.com)

Mike Vardy is an author, speaker, and productivity and time management strategist (or ‘productivityist’) based out of Victoria, BC, Canada. His company is Productivityist, and the company’s mission is to help people stop ‘doing’ productive and start ‘being’ productive through a variety of online and offline resources that he facilitates.

He is the author of “The Front Nine: How to Start the Year You Want Anytime You Want,” published by Diversion Books. He has also self-published several eBooks, most recently “The Productivityist Playbook.”

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