A Mention in the Toledo Free Press

toledo-free-press.jpgThis blog was mentioned in the Toledo Free Press. It makes note of the fact that I live in Jamaica… which I found interesting.

I happen to have visited Toledo once, for a project. It sticks out in my mind as just about as far away from Jamaica as I have ever been, with respect to the weather I found there in mid-November!

New e-book for Jamaican Professionals

kingston.gifMy first e-book is available for free for a limited time.

The title is “2Time Capturing – a Time Management Fundamental for Jamaican Professionals“.

While it is written for the Jamaican professional, it has wide applicability to all professionals. It’s just that I find the environment here in Kingston, in particular, to be so very challenging compared to what I remember of living in the U.S. Our professionals cannot easily use any of the static approaches that have been developed overseas, which led me to frustration with all the systems I could find, and got me on the road to creating the 2Time system.

So, my inspiration to develop this kinder, gentler approach came from my move from Fort Lauderdale to Kingston, and this e-book is tribute to the difference in culture I have found.

It is being offered for free for the next few days as a download from the following site.: http://fwconsulting.com/e-bookja

The public release will happen sometime on Monday, and then I guarantee that it will be available for free for only three days. Tel yuh frien’ dem!

Also, if anyone has any comments on the e-book, just click on the word Comments at the bottom of this post. I would love to hear from those who have downloaded it!

ChangeThis.com Manifesto Accepted

manifesto.jpgI got some good news this week from the folks at ChangeThis.com, which was that my proposal to write my manifesto had been accepted.

In prior posts, including this one, I mentioned that I had written a proposal to write a manifesto for the website.

My proposal, which is described here, did quite well, receiving some 460 votes, more than twice the second-place proposal, and more than any other proposal since.

That was back in October, and I have been waiting and wondering… what next? A few emails weren’t returned, until finally the word came back that the invitation was being extended, and that a typical manifesto could expect to be downloaded some 20,000 to 50,000 times.


That got my attention!

Vote for a New Paradigm of Time Management

voting1.jpg Recently I submitted a proposal to an interesting website, ChangeThis.com, that hosts manifestos from thinkers on new and different ideas.

I thought that this might be a good way to share some of the thinking I have been doing on this blog with a wider audience. I thought I would go more public with the notion that professionals need to forget about the hundreds of tips floating around out there, find out what the fundamentals are, and then focus on practising them to perfection.

The result was a proposal, submitted to the website, which was accepted, and the polls are now open to the public to vote on the proposal, which, if accepted, will result in a full-blown Manifesto which will be posted on their site. (There is no cost or payment involved.)

I invite you to vote on whether or not I should write this manifesto, by following these steps: Continue reading “Vote for a New Paradigm of Time Management”

Open Source

One of the great wishes I have for this site is that it become a place where people can add their thoughts to the discussion of the 2Time philosophy.

The problem that I have found with this invitation is that the websites and blogs that I have read on the topic of productivity are heavily based on piles of small tips. Nothing wrong with the tips (and I happen to think they all have a place) but as I mentioned in a prior post, you can’t become a top time management practitioner by following tips.

I am still hunting around for a deeper discussion than one that is focused on tips. So far, I have had no luck, but I am sure that I have just been unlucky.

So far this blog hasn’t attracted much traffic, but hopefully it will bring to it the kind of people that are interested in joining me to explore the 11 Basic Components of 2Time.

If anyone reading this is interested, we can start by sharing ideas about this content in the comments.